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Ok, so I have an '03 midnight that's been off for around 2 years or so. I just plugged it in again last night, and it seems mostly ok, but could be much better. The medium is losing its blue tint and is becoming cloudy, and the wax looks like it has lost its color entirely. Also, there is a rather large portion that seems stuck at the top. It appears to be kind of coagulated/separated a bit. I don't mind opening it up and adding/removing ingredients/filtering the water etc. Could somebody give me a basic rundown of the process involved with this sort of repair? I'm looking to defog it, add some stronger colors to it, and fix the stuck portion.

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I know this thread is over 4 years old, but nobody ever responded to it, it's your only thread, and I saw that you were online. :p

That plug at the top just needed to break the surface tension and drop, so that it could re-mix with the rest of the goo. I'm sure it must have done that by now. :p

Also, if that was the first time you had run it in a long time, you'll probably want to run it for 6-8 hours a day for a couple of weeks until it clears up. Again...you probably discovered all this on your own by now. LOL!

Well there...I tried. :p

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