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I didn't know anywhere else to look. I love lava lamps and generally mood setting gadgets. What I'm trying to locate is one of those rectangular shaped frames that has what looks like oil and water and it see saws back and forth giving it a sort of wave look to it. However, for the life of me I cannot figure out (nor does anyone seem to know) what these are called.

Anyone know?

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Yes, The Wave Machine was the official name. The models were:
Adriatic (16" long, roughly rectangular base)
Caribbean (18" long, flarred base)
Soundwave (18" long, Caribbean with module mounted under base creating electronic wave sound)
Hand-held model (7" long, no motor or base)
Pacifica (22" long 4" dia., cylindrical wave tube on rounded base, very rare)
Atlantis (30" long 5" dia., same as Pacifica, very rare)
Adriatic was also sold for a short time in a blacklight-responsive version (pink wave in yellow, purple wave in green under blacklight) and in two unusual colors (green wave in purple, blue wave in red)
For an extremely short time, there were two test marketed Waves. The Dual Wave had a pair of round tubes, one above the other, moving together - one blue in clear, the other pink in yellow, on a flared base. An optional "crest" turning the flared base into a cresting wave shape, contained a downlight and a sound module. The Hot Color wave had a yellow wave with pink liquid on top.

You'll find the Adriatic and Caribbean on eBay once in a while. Occasionally, you'll find their late -70s early versions, identical save that their bases are chrome-colored plastic rather than the common 80s/90s black.

Lava  World did not stop making these wave machines until September of 2008.  

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