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I have 6 lava lamps (at the moment) that all seem to have different power needs, so I've bought a couple dimmer switches. Ideally I'd like to have one on each, but it adds up for so many. Has anyone found a source for buying them at a discount? Or is the hardware store the cheapest I'm gonna get?

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Hi Bohdan, My Grande (purple/yellow) is only two weeks old and still hasn't cleared up much. What would you suggest for a 'regimen' clear it up faster. Also, I've put a dimmer on it to assist in its startup in the morning. How low should I dim it to protect the lava, but get a fast startup?
Thanks for the counsel! jvp
Thanks for the advice! Is the bulb extender a Home Depot / Lowe's item?

Once I get it cleared up, should I keep it at around half power overnight so it'll start up quickly the next day?
I really appreciate the help. With the dimmer, I meant on a daily basis, when I turn them down at night, how low should I set the dimmer to keep the wax warm, so every morning, it'll start up quickly.
Hi again. I have a Kiss lamp (52oz, I think) and a couple of new 20 oz.ones. How high a setting is safe to leave them on with a dimmer overnight, so they start up quickly, but I don't damage the wax. Just warm enough to keep a dome at the bottom?

p.s. my Grande is clearing little by little... Thanks!

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