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hiya guys, well i thought i would do a little customising on one of my lamps and here is the results, not bad for my first etempt, you have heard of a ship in a bottle im sure so here is a twist on that theme.
happy easter

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here is another
have a seat....
I need Dr Ruth to explain it to me.

That's... wow. I never thought I'd see THAT in a lava lamp. Congrats on an awesome custom job!! The white wax is perfect considering all the UK eBay sellers trying to capitalize on the rarity of the white Fluidium were calling it "sperm white".
yes it is what you think it is, and it only just fitted into the neck of the vase, its a pyrex glass phallic object which has been araldited to the base, the donnor is a mathmos three in one which i had spare so i thought i would have a bit of fun with it, it certainly is a conversation starter, although some people have said im not normal lol,
wow, that is about all i can say lol you think you have seen everything and something new pops out of the framework.
When did Doc Johnson start making lava lamps?
it's a bit spotty? maybe it could use a visit to the std clinic! :D
He said "emergency" LOL!!!
That's just hilarious! LOL

Great lava btw! lol

lol lol lol lol
lol thats funny and how the heck did you get that in there?
Do you mean that you intend to replace this by that for whatever purpose of yours? Woawww... Sure, that's greed!

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