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...and still 5 days out


(I hope I linked that correctly...)

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Yes, let the self flagellation begin.............
Oh I already broke out the cat o nine tails... And am outbid already! Darnit!
This is the holy grail of lava lamps to me. You could always think of it as an investment, right? ;)
I'm not sure I buy the "great-grandma gave me this" story?? I know that if I inherited this from my great-grandmother it damn sure would never show up on ebay!!!
Well, if "I inherited it from my great-grandmother" means "Yeah, she willed me a bunch of her stuff, some of it just isn't stuff I need or want" rather than "Wow, she WILLED it to me, that makes it important!"...
I would like to have this, so the rest of you not bidding on it is greatly appreciated! ;) Good luck to all.
Yeah, no shit!
I find they tend to pop up in clusters now and then, just like the Clown Consorts.
The lamp went for $348.88.

Green Head Man I was not being flip. Your post was on another page, I didn't see it. I thought no one had commented on the auction close.

I consider you to be a Lava Master. I find your posts, pics and videos enlightening.
I think it's going to go for $500.00 dollars. Some people have a LOT of money.

Well I got the shipment notice today and it is on the way! 2,300 miles cross country. Scheduled to arrive late next week. Wish me luck that it arrives in one piece.

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