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JUST GOT MY FIRST CHINA MADE GLOBE and other lava thoughts.

It's a midnight 32 oz blue/yellow new in box from ebay, cap says made in 2003. Paid less than $10 with shipping. Bought it specifically for the black base/cap for a loose 'merican globe already in hand and to have a crap globe to experiment with.

The China flow is different just as the Lava Masters have told us. The wax is clearly different from the American made and the fluid is slightly hazy.
If it were the first and only lava seen I'd be thrilled but to sit it next to perfect globes, no comparison. The blobs look like squashy marshmallows.
Pic attached. China is in the middle.

My clear/lime green new old stock globe was slightly hazy when it arrived a month ago. I am pleased to say it is now perfectly clear as of yesterday. It's on the right in the pic.

Just picked up a clear/green cheap taking a chance it would be a different shade of green from the lime and the kelly green I already have. It's on the left in the pic.

Welp the wax in the new green is a medium green, (different dye batch or a touch of sun loss I'm sure). I am thrilled to have 3 clear/green's in distinctly different shades. Part of my collecting is wax color variations. I have 3 different blues, 3 different purples, 2 different teals, 3 different yellows, black, white, orange, 2 reds and a pink. I find I'm needing a color wheel of oozing colors! All in midnight so the colors pop.

... and I have 3 lamps coming in the mail this week. Bought 2 of them from Dave P on this site. He's super to work with and still has great lamps for sale, check him out.


It's lava madness I tell you, madness!


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You are very welcome Dave and the name is Karen!
They started making them in China as long ago as 2003? I thought it was far more recent than that.
No prob at all. Call me anything but late for supper!

Thanks for the great info Bohdan.
Terrible. I was kinda upset to learn that lava lamps are no longer made in the USA. I learned that here. So very sad. My lamps are fine imo, but then again - I do not have an American made one to compare to. I do see a difference though. The was looks watery. The USA wax looks "waxy" if that makes sense? It looks better.

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