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I don't care what anyone has to say: the colossus is cool. Since I got mine I'm guilty of not running a single one of my 4 grandes since it first arrived. I purchased mine from If the Personality Fits for $900 total with shipping. Just can't say enough good things about it. I went through a ton of bulbs at first until I found out that you're not exactly supposed to shut it off completely. You're supposed to turn the dimmer down to the low setting and when you want to see it flow just turn it up. Been over a month and have not gone through a single bulb since. Still: awesome lamp.
I am an idiot. For some reason I thought I read that was a GRANDE. I did not see it was a Colossus for some reason. /me hits head on desk numerous times.

Ugh. Either case, that is not a bad price with shipping for a Colossus. :)
Colossus is the word lol

What a beast!

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