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I can't find the post but someone wanted to see if we could find lava lamps on tv, movies, print ads.
Just saw one.

ABC.com full episode player, 5/5/08 DWTS, first commerical break, Discover card, lava lamp next to the computer, dead center, 32z silver base/cap, yellow/orange, still caught mid flow, hazy.


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Should have gone with some Neons instead.  You can't see the action in the lamps as the liquid and lava are both dark.

Keith said:

via Lava Lamp facebook page



ChuckM said:

Just watched Prince perform on SNL (on my Tivo) from last night's episode with Chris Rock. Prince's keyboard player had twelve flowing 52oz lava lamps under his keyboard. Don't have a screenshot but was pretty impressive.

Looks like maybe custom purple/purple

Jim said:

Should have gone with some Neons instead.  You can't see the action in the lamps as the liquid and lava are both dark.

Keith said:

Sharper Image is still around because after it went out of business some other entity bought the name and began again with a different business model. The pic below is funny because it says "60 Years" how did we get the extra decade?

VOXul said:

Sharper Image ad in the January 2014 issue of Playboy.

Exactly!!!  I DO NOT remember them being around 60 years, lol!!!  Well, if they're charging 50 bucks for an LL China lamp that you can get at Spencer's for 27.00 hummm.....guess that's HOW they stay in the business, lol!!!  Is that EVEN a 52? Says Premier but looks more like a Classic 14"....

Yeah they were purple lamps, probably purple neon's with dyed fluid. I generally like Prince but didn't care for that song.
Ok figured out the sixty years thing. Sharper Image is paying tribute to Playboy Magazine at present and it is turning sixty now.

I like to watch PBS a lot for brilliant British comedy classics. One day while choking while I was laughing so hard. I noticed there was a LUNAR on the main table in ABSOLUTLEY FABULOUS. If you're not aware of this somewhat vintage series... it's about two best friends with money who like to get trashed even while working.This is how I found out about the LUNAR. Otherwise I would have never known they ever existed. I've been on a quest for sometime now to buy but they cannot be purchased here in the US and folks in the UK refuse or cannot mail them out.


Yea finding a lunar is task in its self, they do come up but yea its the cost of the lamp itself and shipping - some sellers will ship internationally or people on hear may forward it on to the USA for you.

Edit - AbFab was a brilliant 90's TV show it really summed up the 90's in the UK so funny.

Pawn Stars Chum gets Rick a Clearview to calm him down.

I must have missed that episode of Pawn Stars!

Rick is probably thinking  "what a cloudy piece of crap" - lol

Maybe Chumlee shook or dropped it.

I am surprised that they could not be bothered to get a clear nice flowing lamp for their show.

I watched the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past   the other day and when Wolverine gets transported back into time the first thing that he see's when he opens his eyes is a Lava lamp - however it appears to be a China made lamp that was not produced during the time period portrayed in the movie.

I agree, it probably just pissed him off even more! They cut back and forth to the desk and lamp throughout the episode, each time it was shown it looked worse. He gave it to him so that they knew to leave him alone if it was turned on. Rick ended up just using that fact to his advantage by the end. I believe it was one of last Thursdays episodes, I deleted it before double checking.

Did it even flow?  I have the same exact lamp and while mine is still clear......without the 30 watter, it literally takes 9 hours to flow..........

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