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Or at least the bandwidth my 2 way RF internet connection works on, I received the notice that the "reallocating of your bandwidth will begin 6-30-08 and said spectrum will no longer be available for your use after 6-30-08" . It is a extremely fast T1+ connection with peak downloads in the 20K plus range, I had it for about 8 years now with a deal through the community college and am 1 of 23 people on the system....it will be missed....So I basicly lose everything on my website plus my emails, so if anyone wants to save some of the pictures on the site, feel free to do so.. http://home.earthlink.net/~lamphead/


I will be moving on to Comcast soon and will keep everyone updated with the new info and will be making a new site with new updated pics.


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Bummer man, great site and resource for lamp colors! I will save your pics as reference material. Thank you for the heads up and looking forward to your new website when you move.
Great site and links. I enjoyed viewing these amazing lamps

Thank you.

Hey Astro, I have some collectors links at the bottom of page 1 on my site...Pigeons link is http://planetpigeon.com/lava.shtml . I almost cant wait for my new site...im currently in the process of building some built in shelfs on the wall that will hold 30 lamps per shelf, wall to wall, and it will be 5 shelfs high....im hoping to fit 150 lamps on the one wall but would like to keep them nicely spaced so we will see.

Hey, LampHead.
Sorry about the bad news on your internet service.
I saved your images for future reference also.

I hope you're happy with Comcast. My brother has it and it runs well though they are switching to Yahoo DSL. After he used my pc and saw how fast my DSL runs he decided it was as fast at a much cheaper price.

I just hope you get back up and running so you can make a new page. I'm sure you loved your old page. It's too bad it will be lost.
If you are missing any pics from your old site and want any. I have all of them from the site and looks like Woodvtech has them too. As others I am sure saved alot of pics. So you have back up. heeheh

Sweet SS Bohdan, nice ride....I had to get rid of my first F-bod due to emissions testing, it was a 1984 Z-28 5.0 H.O. 5 speed...it killed me because I had it since 1988 but could not get plates for it because it would fail the emissions test. I went alittle overboard building a 350 for it before emissions testing was around. I ordered the 02 TA and got it in October of 01, this one will be around for a long time......lava lamps and F-bodys, it just doesnt get any better than that

What year is your Camaro ?

Thank You Astro, very cool of you to put up my pics, I like the way it looks.

I have a question - where is everyone getting these Absolut Citron lava lamps?? I really really want one! I am an Absolut fan and have been for 20+ years. Hell, my internet name has always been AbSoluTc - ever since the internet has been around! Lol.

I really want one! Btw, nice site!
I forgot where I got mine, I know it was some website with some weird discontinued stuff on it, they had 3 lamps...The Absolut, Diablo and Cranky.....I want to say it was in Georgia somewhere but im not sure. Keep a eye on Ebay, I know some lady in Florida was selling Absolut lamps awhile back on there, from my emails with her, she said she had a case of 10 of them, but im pretty sure she sold them all, they were listed one after another for a few months. On a side note, they dont come with the vodka bottle and the wax in the globe is garbage, I finally got the 1000ml bottle to match the globe. The bottle with it in the picture is a 750ml bottle. I will keep a eye out for you if I see one.

Thanks. Yeah, I am always looking out for them. There is a guy selling a custom setup for 70 for just one bottle. Not sure I want to do that.
Wow that is sad. Your web site is great!!!!!


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