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I know most of them come with a black base and cap, and there's various types in coloured plastic, but did mathmos ever make a silver one, like that matches the astro/astrobaby/telstar? Or was that crestworth only?

Whenever i see a silver jet on ebay too, it always seems to have a black lower base part like this one:


is this how they were actually made, or has someone been switching out parts? and was there ever a totally silver one?

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I have seen silver ones about like you have linked too, and yeah, they have all had the black base, unless you go for a earlier Crestworth, which is sort of like the Jet, see:-


these are well rare!

I don't think there was ever a totally silver one, occasionally you get one that has been sprayed silver.

I could be wrong though.

I think the white Jets are the nicest, black & white based ones are the only ones I am yet to buy, always on the lookout for a great colour combo.

If you do ever find an all silver one, let me know!


*And then we have a Chrome version of Crestworth*

mmmmm... tasty

Bohdan your pics make me green with envy lol
thanks for that guys. i'm not much of an expert and i've figured out that stuff people put in their ebay listings isn't always that reliable, so i wanted to check.

i love the rocket lamps with the jet flask... but they go for so much!
Yeah, there are a bunch of cylindrical Crestworths - the export-only early Nordic with circular pedestal base (silver, lava or glitter) the Nordic with conical pedestal (silver or copper, lava or glitter) Telstar (flared base, silver or copper, lava or glitter) Rocket (flared base with bullet cap, chrome) and the various Jet lamps in matte silver, silver or black with black base, and the newer plastic ones. The Living Jewel was a silver Jet with a fast-moving glitter, unlike the old Glitterlies or the newer Mathmos glitters.

There is also a knockoff Jet out there - actually a knockoff Living Jewel - made in Germany. Their outwardly-visible difference is that, rather than the silver cylinder stepping slightly outward where the globe sits, it simply has a very thin incised line in the metal. It is usually seen with square glitters in red liquid. I have oner, but I refilled it with fast silver square glitters in clear liquid (Hot Rock from Target glitter fill) and I painted the bottle's underside in red, green and purple.
let's warm up this thread with another question about jets from me: what about the mahtmos logo on these lamps? i think there are different versions of lamps with the writing placed on top or bottom of the lamp, am i right?

1. vertical red mathmos writing placed on the cap, no writing on the base (are these early bakelite jets??)
2. horizontal grey mathmos writing on the base, no writing on the cap (later plastic jets and flock jets??)

am i right with my conclusions and are there any more ways the logo can be placed?
Hi, as far as i know the early jets from 1992 was the first branded mathmos jets that had a bakelite base and writeing on the cap this later change in 1995 i think with mathmos on the base in bakelite base but the cap where plastic. the colour jets or dayglow come in pink/yellow/green/orange colours and are completely made of abs plastic these where with a frosted silver logo on the front of the lamp. Mathmos did make a protype all silver plastic jet but this was never released.
oh thanks. so i wasn't that incorrect.
this is a nice post. very useful. what is the difference in flow between metal and plastic versions you mentioned? how do they differ?

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