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We have aquired a collection of lamps from my mother when she passed. I've had them sitting in boxes for about 2 years and really don't have the room for them. I am interested in selling the whole lot together...not sure exactly how many or what's what. I am guessing there are about 70 lamps (or maybe more). They are a sad reminder to me, so I am taking reasonable offers on the whole group of them. I live in Houston. You can contact me by email at leewirz@sbcglobal.net. to discuss.

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I would be very happy to buy as a group. I need some for my business to be and single lamps are too hard to keep track of. I emailed you for more information. Good luck.
Yup, ebay them.

Nothing personal but if you sell them cheap as a job lot, most of them will prob. end up on ebay anyway, some of the collector types around here have a lot of pointy teeth and very little sense of fair play.

And before anyone bothers to slap me down for that, don't. Quite frankly i don;t give a hoot. I come here to have fun, and to have fun with other people who are having fun. Not to argue, or to watch people who don't know much about lamps getting stiffed.
I have written to the original poster via e-mail and have never heard back. Has anyone actually heard anything further on these???
Sorry Bryin. I've been talking with several people right off the bat and am not sure who I've responded to. I thought I'd gotten back with most that emailed me...sorry I missed you. Still trying to work out details of interested parties...they are not sold yet though.

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