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I recently bought a 52 Oz Yellow Lava, Purple Liquid from CoolStuffCheap.com. Are they american made or chinese?

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The lamps off of Coolstuffcheap.com are made in China. Most webstores don't have products that were made here in the U.S. Demand for those lamps drive up the price. You can pick American made lamps off of ebay for a good deal.
Very few stores on the internet have the USA models such as:

End of the Rainbow Gifts
Bio Buzz
That dude on eBay Arkathur
Do you all think it will still flow alright?
Oh great. I probably should have got that 32 oz I saw on ebay that was a classic american. Hopefully I can resell this.
The end of rainbow gifts store had the grandes. If I were to get one from them, since they are american made will it not be cloudy like the one I got from target?

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