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Just bought another jet lamp off eBay.In the description and pictures it stated that the liquid was crystal clear, but on receiving it today.The liquid is quite cloudy.This is the first that i have received via post with this problem, and i was wondering can the liquid become cludy during transit via Royal Mail.It does sound logical but just wanted to check?

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Many thanks will let it settle for a few days.Just started becoming a collector, so am new to all this, but i am learning all the time.
Hi there!!,

Lamps can go cloudy in the post. It has happened to me in the past!! Letting them stand for a while can help but I have found that 95% of the time I cannot get rid of the cloudyness. Have you got a copy of the original picture off e-bay? Might be able to see if it looked cloudy at all before they sent it to you.
Hi James,
Don't seem to have any luck with my eBay purchases do I? lol. I checked the auction and the lamp appears clear, and seller stated on auction that it was crystal clear, so i'm of the opinion that it could well have been caused in transit, although the bulb did not work on arrival, but that can be easily sorted.The auction number was 370062838031.
Hope you have sorted your problem out?that was a good lamp!
LOL!! No you dont seem to be having a lot of joy at the moment Phil!!! I think I may have found out what the problem is with the Green / Orange Jet!! I posted the problem on here and Bohdan explained that it sounds like the metal coil in the bottom of the vase may need cleaning. I am going to try and do it when I get home from my holidays.

As for the your lamp that arrived cloudy, it does look good on the pictures. However, I have had problems with this seller before. I have bought 2 lamps from them, never again!!

One arrived with a big dent / crease in the cap, the other arrived with a totally squashed cap!! The sellers explaind that it must have happened during transit, but the lamps were so well wrapped in bubble wrap I find this hard to believe!! The seller will not refund either, they take no responsibillity for damage in the post, which I find a bit harsh.
It looks like the same lamp as was in the picture, so it could well have occured in transit.May well invest in a pump as advised on another topic and clean it out.Possibly will then play about with the colours ie adding food colouring.Really starting to get into these Mathmos now.Would love a "sperm one" but won't pay silly money as the one on ebay at present.Let me know how you get on.
Hi, I bought a white jet / white lava from that seller... It was one of my dreams... Like for yours, in the description and the pictures it was said that the liquid was cristal clear and that the lamp was perfect. Well, the liquid is terribly cloudy, the lava is full of bubbles and two feet are broken... I will probably buy a filter pump as I paid a lot for that Jet.
Contacted the seller "jenparkercoe" in relation to her auction 370062838031
and this is the reply i got from her:-
Firstly, Im sorry you have recieved your lamp in this condition. The bulb not working and the liquid being cloudy, a very sure sign that the lamp has been shaken or knocked about very vigorously in the post. The lamp DID NOT leave me in this condition, it left me in the same condition as in the photo, which was taken 7 days prior to delivery. As you buy "so many lamps from ebay" im suprised this has not occured before, it has to me on around half a dozen occasions, as i myself have brought dozens of lamps from ebay and am aware that if lamps are treated in a non fragile manner by royal mail or shaken badly that they cloud in the post. Something im sure your "forum" will tell you. As for the threat of leaving negative feedback, this is something i dont care for, i will not consider giving somebody preferential treatment or forced into giving refunds or rebates becuase they threaten to leave negative feedback. As you are probably aware the feedback system is now a complete sham anyway, with buyers capable of leaving negative feeedback whenever they feel like it for the most ridiculous reasons wihout the seller being able to respond. Which is why i and many others dont regard the feedback system worthwhile anymore. The listing clearly states that i will not be responsible for items in the post, any more threats of negative feedback will result in me sending your last email to ebay and seeing how they feel about the threats.

A very non committing reply blaming Royal Mail.Watch out if you buy from her.
Thanks for the warning. I haven't ever purchased from her, nor will I now ever do.

It never ceases to amaze me how these sellers insist on referring to this wonderful forum in the negative, rather patronising way by putting "forum" as if it's not a "proper" one!

If these sellers are so great and experienced, how come they have not joined this forum?
As it is, after all the absolute mine of essential information for any collector?

silly people
it's not quite the same though, cos Bertie did contact the seller directly, he didn't just start a thread slagging them off.
The tone of the reply is not particuarly to my taste, and it's just my opinion that I personally wouldn't buy from them.
I'm not recommending that no-one else should buy from them, and I do see the seller's point, but the tone is quite condesending and I can't be dealing with that.

You're totally right about 'that' thread, it was actually very tiring after a while of trying to explain to the seller that I wasn't attacking them, just highlighting other's points of view.
Prob best not to get involved so i'll shut up now lol :)
Seems i've started something here?Bearing in mind my initial topic was in relation to asking advice about cloudy bottles.At no point did i "slag" this eBay Seller off.
I contacted the seller informing her of the situation and the reply i got,is what you saw.
I too found the reply condesending this is the reason why i posted her reply.
On reading her reply in my eyes clearly showed that she was not interested.I also posted her reply to highlight to other possibly would be buyers, and as a result there are another two members on this forum who have had problems with this seller.(what does that tell you)
Being new to lava lamps I came on this site to learn and pick up tips, and none other.
Never mind you win some you loose some, and what goes around comes around.
I can speak first hand about this problem. Being the husband of jen who is the seller. The lamp was sent a week after the photo was taken, It was not used at all in that week, so was not warm. It was sent in pristine condition. I accept that the lamp may have turned up cloudy, It does happen. Have had it happen to me. We have sold over 500 lamps on ebay and as far as my memory goes around 6 have turned up at there destination cloudy or broken, not a bad percentage, would have prefered zero, but i cant control royal mail. I have been reading this thread with interest over the last few days, Lucy if you dont want to buy off us that is up to you, I respect the fact you are an honest collector, but you do not know the facts. The buyer "bertie" has left a negative on my wifes ebay account telling people to beware of her, he also states in an email that she has "ripped him off" and "you sent me a broken lamp" then why in this thread does he write "I checked the auction and the lamp appears clear, and seller stated on auction that it was crystal clear, so i'm of the opinion that it could well have been caused in transit" NAUGHTY NAUGHTY..!. Then to follow that up with threatening emails ""eBayer out on a day release" well if you think that, i better live up to your expectation??
Be seeing you!. He has got jens details and realised she is a woman and then tried to frighten her. I dont like people threatening my wife. I DEFINATELY dont like people who try to frighten women..! PEOPLE MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND ABOUT THIS PERSON
Dont worry john.....Im taking deep breaths and counting to ten. Life is good



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