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Looking for Elektriks in lime, yellow and orange with or without globes.

I have the other 5 solid colors. I want to complete the set.
If anyone has any to sell let me know.

I just put the elektriks in a row. I'll add a pic when they start to flow. I've set 'em up in all clears with wax matching base/cap

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I now have:
white (3, I like the white a lot)
dark blue
light blue
dark green

I still need yellow, orange, lime. IF YOU SEE ONE ON EBAY LET ME KNOW!

I am patient.

just scored an orange on ebay for $30 delivered.
Still need lime green and yellow.
I talked to endoftherainbow a while back and their green was not a lime even though it looked lime in the pics.
per the box these are the colors the elektrick series came in
according to this box I have all the colors except yellow. There is no lime, no light blue
Here is an orange one, no bids yet either:


I already have 2 orange ones, I need a Red, so do me a favor and let me know if you see one.
Thanks Drew,

I now only need the yellow.

If I see a red I'll let you know.
$23.00 dollars for parcel post shipping? Talk about excessive!
yeah I believe I understood the fellow, son of a bitch!!! he spent probably $3000.00 in the las 6 months on lamps :)

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