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hi to all gooers, like to say there some great pic's on here to look at brilliant, anyway need to ask some advise please!

i have a mathmos lunar bottle its green wax in clear liquid and is only 5 weeks old brand new from mathmos, well its a gem flows just awesome BUT i have noticed what looks like dirt within the wax and looks like its getting worse, the coil is perfect brand new so its not rust, when its cold you can see it on the bottom of the bottle and around the edges within the coil, maybe it was like it from new and i have only just noticed it, do you get dirt in the wax, any ideas here or should i complain to mathmos.
thanks for any advise. darren.

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hi lucy, yes im fine hoping this xmas will bring in the buyers out there i know its early but when your selling gifts you do start hoping early :o)

well if you get mathmos to do a custom colour wax that they dont already do let every one know, i would like a yellow wax/clear liquid they told us at the trade show if they dont have the pigments they cannot make them, seems silly but the MD told us they lost some of the master mix ingredients some years ago, an example a customer wanted a custom bottle of brown wax in a light beige liquid to match thier decor but mathmos just could not make it, so i don't know i would have thought they would be able to do such a thing after all they are mathmos THE ORIGIANAL inventers, they say they have only one master mix working for them when he's on holiday nothing gets mixed, terrible to run a company such as mathmos with one guy who knows the mixes, you know all custom bottles are mixed by hand and not filled by machine where as all the standard bottles are machine filled.

good stuff isn't it.

all the best to you both from darren :o)
hi, well i was only speaking to mathmos at the autum fair trade show NEC birmingham (uk) three weeks ago, marcus at mathmos told us all bottles are filled by machine, the master mixer does his bit i suppose mix the colours ect but the machine does the filling if he had to fill all bottles by hand well you think about it time consuming, but any custom colours are mixed and filled by hand and tested, so i dont know mate just telling what they told us at the trade show as we was looking into selling the product but thats another story.

brown wax and beige liquid!!!!!!
if i was the person at mathmos i would've said i couldnt do it simply on the basis that it would have looked absolutely rank!! lol
hey lucy, rank was one of the many words i was looking for whilst i was told this story, but hey with the right decor it would have looked,,,,,,, well RANK LOL ,,,,, do you think it would have made much on ebay as a rare mathmos :o) no stick to rank!

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