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hi to all gooers, like to say there some great pic's on here to look at brilliant, anyway need to ask some advise please!

i have a mathmos lunar bottle its green wax in clear liquid and is only 5 weeks old brand new from mathmos, well its a gem flows just awesome BUT i have noticed what looks like dirt within the wax and looks like its getting worse, the coil is perfect brand new so its not rust, when its cold you can see it on the bottom of the bottle and around the edges within the coil, maybe it was like it from new and i have only just noticed it, do you get dirt in the wax, any ideas here or should i complain to mathmos.
thanks for any advise. darren.

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hi bohdan thanks for your reply appreciated, yes this was a new custom from mathmos although the green is nothing special i wanted clear liquid, i have looked very close at the coil and it appears perfect as brand new with no signs of rust or discolouration nothing at all, thing is i dont remember seeing any of this when i got it unless it was there but i would not expect dirt within the wax of a brand new bottle but thanks i will give mathmos a call and see what they have to say.

thanks again for your reply

how the heck did you get a lunar bottle from mathmos anyway i didnt know they still made them!?
hi dave, yes mathmos still make the red/violet in very small numbers and they will do some custom bottles but they cost around £120 to £150 for custom bottles but not many colours and NO to WHITE WAX AND CLEAR LIQUID.

cheers darren.
do you have to call them up or something?
you can buy the red/violet online £69.99 from there website but any other custom orders you need to call them, i know they are now getting busy for xmas and may not do any custom jobs this year, they are filling the red/violet ones today as i have just ordered a new one for mine.

cheers darren
maybe they wont do the clear white anymore cos they develop problems.... maybe i got the last one!
in mine, the wax goes grainy, which does all melt in after a few hours but it has a tendancy to stick and also the wax is looser than all the rest.
I am planning on an orange wax next, but i will wait til next year to ask.

Please post some pics of your red/violet when you get it!
hi lucy, hope you and sam are well, yes i will post a pic or two when it arrives, as for any custom bottles they did tell me they may not do any before xmas as they are now getting busy, as i am a retailer i attended the autum trade fair at birmingham NEC a couple of weeks ago and mathmos were also there had a chat with the MD they told me that they no longer can do any custom bottles if its a colour other than what they currently sell like for instance violet/purple wax in clear it has to be a wax colour they currently sell, thats a shame as i wanted a yellow wax clear liquid lunar.
also its strange they wont do a clear and white lunar but they sell it in the astro, i understand its a different mix but its a real pain and yes its because of the failure rate.

i also asked the MD if there was any chance in a re-lunch of the lunar answer is NO not a chance although they realise the lunars popularity but the cost to make them is way out, they said whilst the lunar was in production 75 out of every 100 made was scrapped all due to the cast alliminium legs these caused issues when polishing after the mould process they broke up bits fell out and now days this would be to costly, would have been great to get a brand new one.

same with stocking replacement JET bottles they need to produce a run of 30'000 bottles each day and a three day run thats 90'000 bottles to make it pay but they would be in stock for years and years, so thats why they do not sell new jet bottles, strange i asked why not re lunch the jet but they say its not popular enough, i thought it was one of the best looking lamps to appear.

well thats it from me, you take care lucy.

cheers darren.
thats a shame but couldn't they just make the legs out of something else?
hi dave i did put that to them but they say its down to todays health and safety rules and regs, the lunar is a heavy lamp and any other way to make the legs would not be safe, they said the lunars legs are very well shaped to give the look they have, you could not imagine the telstar rocket lamp style legs on a lunar this could be an easy way to make them but would never look any good, they say they must be a cast and alluminium is the only way but just not viable, mathmos know how sought after the lunars have become and if they made a limited edition run they would possibly sell but at todays prices they would cost to much and they are not willing to take the gamble.

only reason you can buy replacement lunar bottles is as you know the bottle is a whisky bottle so mathmos do not have to make them!

its a shame as its a real classic looking lamp.

cheers darren.
well i asked the question, mathmos are not sure and are thinking about it, great i thought! oh well just have to keep an eye on it.

cheers all.
hi bohdan, well i dont have any other makes only mathmos appart from my curvy lady (think its china made) so i cannot comment on the lunars flow to any USA or china lamp but i must say the lunar bottles i have flow so well such great shapes just so good to watch, yes like you say all the time mathmos do not bring the lunar back it will push up the value of the originals, the lunar is the ultimate icon.
thanks for the info darren.

Shame about the custom colours, but who knows, maybe that might change, as they did say originally absolutely no customs whatsoever but Sam pestered and we got them so its deffo worth a try! (possibly a mission for me next year lol)

It is a shame about the lunar, but such is life. i dont think i'll ever not be tempted by one if i happend to have the cash in my bank!

Me and Sam are great, thanks for asking, how about yourself?

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