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Went to see my psychotherapist this morning, and on the way back, stopped by Argos and after browsing the 'laminated catalogue of dreams', came out with a LW Grande in red/purple.

Just waiting for it to warm up right now.... he he he all excited :D

I need to work out where it's going to live too... my biggest lamp so far!

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yes i just got a grande from argos! its the green one and i would suggest you buy a timer switch becuase mine takes 5 hours to get going! i have it turn on at lunch and its going at 5 when i get home! its very nice when it gets going~1!
it's quite a different sort of motion to the mathmos wax, and it's got a translucent sort of quality too... very nice... i've never seen that much lava shift itself in one go before!

well priced over here too, even if the base/cap are a bit cheap... it's still a lot of lamp for the same price as an astro!

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