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So... this hapened recently in Paraguay, south america where the world's biggest barbecue was attempted to set a new guiness world record.There is a link below for whoever is interested in pictures and what not but i must tell you.. if you are vegetarian and/or against eating meat you might want to think twice before you check it out...

In order to break the previous record established in the US in 1996 they had to eat over 22000 kilograms or 48000 pounds in less than 8 hours.

A total of 28000 kilograms or 61000 pounds of meat were eaten in 6 hours breaking the previous record of 47000 pounds in 8 hours.

The entrance fee was only about 6$ for all you can eat in one hour. And for those who might want to know, that is my home country.

heres the link with some more information and pictures


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not so sure about that.. but well its the way it is.. if they wouldve evolved to where we are now they wouldve been eating us and then people wouldnt have felt so sorry for eating their meat and stuff like that...
lol well if we are going into fart smell... lets not talk about broccoli rofl! but yeah.. i disagree with you both. meat is not unleathy or healthy... of course if you eat ONLY meat you will have problems and also if you ONLY eat vegetables. i think good health is only promoted by a balanced daily diet... that includes vegetables meats and everything else... theres stuff that meat has that vegetables dont and vice versa... but o well go to any south american country saying that and then count how many forks and knives are stuck to your back.. we simply love our meat and cattle is what we live off of...
I am a member of PETA....People Eating Tasty Animals
I wanna join too!! lol

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