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Anyone else watching this guy?


I haven't seen an actual picture of this model before, just the graphic in the coach lantern article. Would love it if someone posted a few pics of their 2007 lanterns! 

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Sadly, these weren't made for very long. I'd love to have one. They were only available in yellow/purple and the globe didn't flow very well. Instead of the faux kerosene font cap, they had a rotary dimmer knob. I think the copper finish was done very well.

The switch actually is just an on/off switch. Still a pretty cool lamp. The only downside to it is that the cap is small enough that you can't run a US 52oz globe on it, only China globes. I switched out the purple/yellow for the red/yellow that came with my heritage lamp.

You can run a US globe on it.  I have one on mine.  It just barely fits enough to get the screws back on.





Both of those lamps are beautiful! Thanks for posting, I'll post a couple of mine when it arrives! 

Here's a pic with a blue/white US globe capped in 2002, shortly before they shifted production to China.


That is indeed strange, I couldn't get mine down far enough to put the screws back on over any of my US 52oz globes. Could be a QC size irregularity. Either way, I love running the heritage globe on it. 

How close could you get yours to fitting?  I had just enough room to get the screws threaded maybe a turn or two.

Wow.  Coach 3 with the dark green is amazing.  That is the one I am looking for.  I have 3 of the other four models of Coachlites.  That one you have sure is nice.

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