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27'' Tri Colored Glitter lamp - When it arrived I hated the color scheme. Yikes!

Here are a couple of photos from a recent project.  I purchased 2 - 27''  Lava Lite tri colored glitter lamps.  When they arrived I hated the the color scheme so I decide to shave the clear coat off.  Here is the before and after photos of the lamps once both were shaved off.  Hideous colors.  Notice that I left some of the purple clear coat on the base.  I did this because as I was shaving the lamps I noticed the purple made the glitter flakes turn prismatic like with multiple colors like a diamond so I left the bottom alone. When I was finished I sat back with a cold Stella Artois and admired my work and the new globes.  Absolutely stunning! Sorry that I posted two sets here.  I'm not sure what I did that one set came out here and the other on the side bar.  Two sets are better than none right. Tell me what you think.

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By the way - the glitter fluid looks low but it's not.  I'd had just turned the lamps on to photograph so they did not have enough  time to heat up which as we all know will cause the glitter fluid to rise and look full.  I'm telling you folks these lamps are crazy sharp in terms of appeal.  

Nice job, I usually take that color off 52oz globes with simple brillo, warm water and soap. Works like a charm.

I wish they decided to not paint the globe for the glitter lamp and offer liquid color choices with silver glitter. I almost bought of these but decided not to as I am not convinced that clumping won't occur down the line.

I own over a 150 large and small glitter lamps including the 27'' red - pink - and blue that were released 7 or so years ago  and not one has ever clumped.  The gold lamps I showed yesterday have been flowing flawlessly for almost two years now.  I never leave any of my lamps on for more than 6 - 8 hours at a time. I've seen wizard glitter lamps online that have fried glitter but I've never had any of my lamps glitter lose chromatic effect. Can you show us pictures when you say clumping since I've never seen before.  

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