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52 Ounce Black Lava Brand Lamp Made in China CLOUDY??

Hello I just unboxed my new 52 Ounce Lava Lamps and noticed they are so cloudy that the water inside looks like skim milk.

Can anyone help me?

Are these new Black  Lava Brand Chinese Versions any good?

Will they clear up or should they be returned?

Bought them from Amazon.com.

Thank you


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Hello Astrobaby thank you for the response.
Does Mathmos carry Clear with Black? I didnt see it there.
But If its going to mean clarity I will choose another color scheme.
Are the Mathmos also cheap China Quality?
Mathmos does not make a clear/black. They are also not china made (yet). They are a great lamp to have and purchase, however I am partial and would advise you to find a USA made lava lamp first. Check craigslist, ebay and friends. There are many different color combos that you can enjoy.

The flow and quality of USA made lamps is second to none. Not even Mathmos can top it.
Thank You Kris I will be on the Look out for two clear/black lava lamps(USA) made.
Not sure wher or if they are still being made in the USA.
Do you know anyone whos still stocks/Makes the Clear/black besides the China made ones?
Thank you
return them go to spencers in the mall!
Nobody makes them anymore. You will have to keep an eye out for older USA made ones. That's the only option right now. Mathmos is an option if you want to go that route. They do not have clear/black though.
Hi Matt I Do not have a Spencer Gift's in my local mall Perhaps maybe I can go on their web site and Buy a good old American made Lava lamp?
These black with clear are so cloudy its pathetic that Lava would even put their name on such a cheap product.
I think I will need to return these two lamps and just buy a couple of used lamps from Ebay.
Thank you
Well remember lava lamps start out just fine but they get destroyed in the mail. I only use fed ex for lava The only USA lamps I think overtherainbow.com .A lot of times I find lava in novelty shops you know incense beads lava lamps go together or check craigslist.com in your area.
Hi Matt01165 Thanks for the reply.
So are you saying that most of the time when you a Lava Lamp Shipped it is destroyed in the mail?
The only issue I have with these China blacks are that they are very cloudy but the wax itself is in great shape and flows very nice.
Its just taht the water is soooo cloudy.I do not think its gonna clear up since its been like that for 3 days now.
I will check out the site you provided.
I am in the market for two Lamps clear with red or black with clear or white with clear.
If you know of any made in the USA that are one of those combos please let me know.
Thank you
matt01165 is this the site where you buy your mystery beads?
endoftherainbow.com? I forgot the exact name OMG I just searched wtf rainbow and it went to some ridiculous site don't go there Somebody Kill This Thread!!
Check Out the site and let me know which lava lights are any good.
Thank you

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