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A friend knocked my 1973 red starlight lamp over. The cap broke and all the liquid is gone.I will try to glue cap back together but I need to know if it can ever work again. Not sure I know what his into the water. I smell dish soap .please if someone could help me I really need it. And does anyone have spare caps for these lamps ?

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It was the only red starlight left :( can't afford eBay's $ 149 + not including shipping for one as clear as this one was. It was crystal clear
Anyone ???
Can't find a piece of the cap but I need to know what to replace the liquid with and see if anyone has a cap they can spare..please. anyone ?? This is the last of my red ones. My house was broken into last year and all but 6 now 5 were stolen even my colosses. I lost 150 lamps please help me fix this one. I am on disability and need to fix this. It took me years to collect all of those and I am heartbroken cause I have no money and in some cases no way to buy more. Any help is appreciated I am sick over this
How about does anyone have a link or URL to direct me to the right place ? I have no idea what I am doing any suggestions would help
U can try and refill it. But the cap is dead! And its hard to find just the cap.
Thank you for answering. Do you know what to put in it ? I am now hoping to find an old bottle with the right screw on top. Does anyone have a bottle and cap for sale?

what color cap?

also it would be a refill of water, salt or fog juice, and a surfactant. Ive never done it yet.

Ask around about a "gookit" for the fill. I may have a spare empty bottle, but it'd be the big (Century, Aristocrat) size, and there's a small starlite model, too. Can you post a photo of the base?

you can fill the globe with distilled water, but leave ~ 2-2.5 in. of space at the top.  turn the lamp on and let the wax melt.  it won't flow yet, but don't worry.  then prepare a solution of epsom salt and water to add to the globe.  you can do this by heating some water on the stove (don't simmer or boil, just heat it until it's warm) and slowly mix in the epsom salt while stirring.  do this until no more salt will dissolve in the solution.  next, let the solution cool and then slowly add it to the globe by using the end of a straw - put the straw in the solution, put your fingertip over the straw, then put the straw in the globe and remove your finger.  keep adding the epsom salt solution until the lamp begins to flow again.  you can also add 1 drop of dawn dish soap (no antibacterial stuff, just regular soap) as a surfactant.  this will give you more stretchy flow if all you are getting are round blobs.  it may not be needed though.  again, if you add it, just do a very small amount or else you will ruin the wax.  good luck!

Nicole Mallory said:

Thank you for answering. Do you know what to put in it ? I am now hoping to find an old bottle with the right screw on top. Does anyone have a bottle and cap for sale?
Its a gold cap
Can I post the pic of the base in this discussion or do I need to post it separate one ? I just snapped a pic of it. Its a gold century model

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