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A friend knocked my 1973 red starlight lamp over. The cap broke and all the liquid is gone.I will try to glue cap back together but I need to know if it can ever work again. Not sure I know what his into the water. I smell dish soap .please if someone could help me I really need it. And does anyone have spare caps for these lamps ?

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I think its the same one you are talking about Jonas I have some of the smaller ones but this is the big one
Thank you so much for the help guys. I have never tried to refill or fix one before so I have been at a loss to do anything to fix it. This one was a real crystal clear one with great flow. It made me sick to see it all over the floor.

Post in this discussion, that keeps it close.  :)

Nicole Mallory said:

Can I post the pic of the base in this discussion or do I need to post it separate one ? I just snapped a pic of it. Its a gold century model

My heart goes out to you, and I wish you luck getting your lamp back! It's not impossible!

...And I pray that I don't run into the burglar that can put a colossus in a sack and throw it over his shoulder. @_@

I know what you mean Loren I was shocked to see it gone. But they got a big screen TV too. What they didn't take they smashed. That was the last thing I'd see gone. I had to really save and be patient to find one :(. I had been in the hospital for a few days so they had plenty of time
I am on my phone and don't see where I click to add the photo. So how do I post it ?

I've done the distilled water & pickling salt approach with my '73 Aristocrat.  I used Joy soap.  Flow is excellent but the wax gets bubbly.  The bubbles go away on cool down but always come back next time.  Lately I've been getting a filmy buildup on the inside of the globe, though.  I brought this on myself, though-- I dumped the fluid like an idiot and found this site in my attempts to fix it, and because of the timing, I'm now a Colossus owner and have a dozen and a half lamps.  It all started with coming here to fix my screw up!

As for the cap, I crazy glued my cap when it broke.  It looks ugly but it is sealed.  

That's the same type of lamp that brought me to this site. Cracked lid, liquid evaporated, lousy flow. I glued my lid to seal it, lightly sanded and repainted it. Looks pretty good. Topped off with distilled water. Brad's recipe is exactly how I replaced the liquid in my Grande lamp although I used sea salt instead of Epsom. Sorry you lost the liquid but it is fixable. Definitely lots of great info and help here. :)

If it bugs me enough, I'll have to redo mine again due to the bubbles and filmy buildup, but sadly it's low on my list of priorities right now. Deb, I did the same with my cap!

your friend better feel terrible! i'd make him replace it

LOL @Stephanie... shit happens.

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