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Magma Tower is revolutionizing the water motion lamp. Here are some of the features you will find with our new lamp.

NO MORE BULBS- No more worrying about bulbs burning out or what wattage you will need. Our new technology eliminates the bulb altogether cutting the power consumption by 30 percent.

COLOR CONTROL- Our new lamp will come with a remote control that gives you the ability to alternate through 7 different colors. You will also be able to set it to pulsate, strobe and more.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL- The temperature control system allows the lamp to heat up or cool down depending on ambient temperatures. No more over heating!

Please remember that this is prototype number 1. I will post a video of the final product soon. I just wanted to give you all a teaser.

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Wow, they gave me a horrible preview pic for the beginning of my video... My apologies.
This looks very interesting, can't wait too see the whole design of the lamp.
Yeah looks awesome hope i can afford one when it hits the market.
Sold I so want one, I hope there just not wicked expensive!!! Give us a hint about price.
I am going to be the negative one - lol. I have a feeling it will be 80-100+ dollars. The tube will be plastic which sucks. The led lights if you notice are shown in the DARK, therefore will not be bright enough to use during the day. I doubt that these lamps have lumileds or any other "respectable" brand which would result in a better saturation of color and a brighter lamp. Most importantly, where is the white light so one can enjoy the lamp? How bright is it during the day?

For me, I find the color changing lamps like this a bit "gimmicky". That and the fact that the tube is plastic just makes it all the worse. Acrylic will age and will crack eventually. It's inevitable. If it's a glass tube, that's another story. I would rather see a CFL lit lamp with a heating source.
I have yet to see a glass tube used in ANY magma tower. Plastic will always be cheaper than glass. Production, shipping and the like.
To answer ALL of your questions:

1- Everything Magma Tower makes is Pyrex GLASS

2- This is a preview of our FIRST prototype that was made 5 months ago. Since then we have improved the whole design. I just wanted to give you guys a teaser of what we have been working on. I will post new video soon.

3- The final product is actually 24 inches tall with a 20 inch viewing tube and about 300 ounces.

4- Our projected price point is going to be 100-150 us dollars. We think that is more than fair seeing how the grandes original price was 100.

5- It was shot in the dark for two reasons. To mask the exterior of the lamp and because this model has mili watt LED's. Our new model has one american made high quality 10 watt LED that shines from the bottom that will light up the lamp in the brightest of environments.

This videos original purpose was for our interior designers to preview some of the new stuff we were developing. I told everyone at oozing goo that you all would be the first to see a preview of our new affordable commercial lamp. Just wanted to give you a taste.

Have you ever seen a Magma Tower? You are sorely mistaken on our companies philosophy and designs.
That sounds great, please keep us updated, would you ship to the UK?, I think you should!. New designs and ideas I think are great. Will it be possible to control the lighting?, ie, timeing??, dimming etc, maybe include a controller as an extra?
Like I said sold!!! even at 150 I like it, don't get me wrong cheaper is better but you can expect one to be coming my way for sure!
We will offer international shipping. The unit will come with a remote that controls everything from the dimming timing and so on.
We might be able to make a special one for you Marcel. I will keep you posted.
I mean cheaper price is better ( I dont want to sound like a rich snob I'm not rich or a ass lol ) just saying i'm like most people 150 is alot of money BUT you are very right 150 is a good deal for a quality piece and even with my tight budget I would gladly pay the 100-150 for a awesome lamp as this!!!! Keep us posted. I cant wait to see more.

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