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It's come to my attention that Magma Tower isn't sourcing goo anymore and I am looking into sourcing it myself to potentially fill the void. The only thing is there will likely be a fairly large minimum order quantity from the manufacturer. Therefore, I'm looking to get an idea of just how interested the community is in purchasing goo to refurbish their lava lamps. If I could get those looking to buy goo to reply to this post and give me an idea of just how much goo your currently interested in buying that would help a lot. Do you need enough for a 20oz lamp? A 250oz lamp? Multiple lamps? Let me know. 

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Guys, I sure hope someone makes some lava available to purchase.  I collect lamps and most have been rebuilt.  I really enjoy picking up something at a flea market which is in terrible shape, and rebuilding it into something beautiful again, Sometimes better than new.  I have lamps I cant rebuild right now

I keep coming back here every few weeks to see and it looks like to me there could be enough interest.  I used to buy a quart or two at a time but I would be willing to buy in bigger quantities if I can just get it.  

I even thought I might try to make my own but after doing some reading on here, It's way over my head !

Hoping ???

Yes!! Me too I want a Goo Kit!! 20 ounce! My student knocked it off my desk and now it is cloudy. I have no supplies to fix it and I a, planning on only repairing this one so I don’t need an entire of propylene glycol and all the other stuff.

Any Progress in this area ?  I am more than ready to buy some lava !  Thanks

Still waiting Steve! But I think Claude is working on new goo kits.

Currently top secret but there is everyday progress moving forward
brittany16950@gmail.com said:

Still waiting Steve! But I think Claude is working on new goo kits.
What is that?!
I did not mean to spill your secrets, I am sorry.
At least a quart for multiple lamps at this point.

Non-perc!? WOAH didn't know it was possible. *Begins to research

I personally like the lamp on the far right from the youtube video. The flow seems perfect to me.

Autumn said:

How far along is your formula? I have been thinking about doing the same thing. I could release something now, but I want to dial in the flow a bit more. The goal is 90's quality flow. Here is a video my non perc based formula.


I'd happily support you as a customer!

Claude J said:

I have the original recipe in hand and soon ready for productio as well

Parts of 250liter (55gal) mixer are on order

I'd Be interested in refurbishing 2 astro globes + a grande

I am interested in lava and fluid for a big lamp. At least 14 liters, maybe even 35 liters or more. Also depends on pricing. Go big and get it cheap. Have you developed a formula? I think formulas might differ from normal to huge lamps in order to get the optimal flow.

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