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Hello all,

I recently undertook my first glitter transfer project. I got a great BIN deal on ebay for a blue Wizard glitter globe. When it arrived I realized why, all the glitter was shot. Looked almost as if a lot of it had disintegrated. Anyway, I went about (carefully in a well ventilated area!) filtering out the old glitter, replacing with new glitter and resealing by replacing the rubber plug and re-crimping the original Lava Lite cap followed by some silicone self-fusing tape. The lamp works amazingly, the only strange thing I notice is that when cold the lamp is cloudy. However after an hour or so it is completely crystal clear again and flowing amazingly. Could this be some type of temperature-related chemical reaction? I will post pics of it cold later... Thanks! 

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With the hundred or so orders I've filled with my solvent-based formula, two or three clouded up on me.  And just like your experience, cloudy when cold, clear when heated up.

I was never able to pinpoint what exactly happened, but I've assumed that something was introduced in the solvent formula when I was mixing and transferring into the globe or container.

My best guess is water causes the cloudiness.  

Was your Wizard cloudy prior to changing the glitter?  

It was not, completely clear, but the glitter was primarily transparent and it didn't flow, which is what prompted the changeout. Water might be the culprit. I dried the globe fairly well after cleaning it, but it is possible a few drops were re-introduced back into the formula. Is it possible that over time the water in the globe will evaporate and it'll permanently clear... or should I open it back up again and re-filter? I am tempted to just leave it since it always clears up. 

I think I'd just leave it.  

I didn't have the patience to wait for more than a few days, so I can't really say if it will clear over time.

Unfortunately, you can't "filter" the solvent liquid like lava, water-based liquid.  I'm sure there are industrial filters that will do the job, but they are out of my price range.  :>)

Maybe run it without the plug and cap, and see if "it" evaporates?  Just a thought...

hmm, that is a good thought. Thanks again for the tip! I couldn't believe that a glitter lamp clouded up. That was definitely a first for me. 

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