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I apologize for all my newbie-ness. I keep searching the forums for my questions before posting but I'm still a little "in the dark" about some things.

So dimmers; they regulate the output from the light, thus, adjusting the heat. Should dimmers be used on all lamps regardless of size/country of origin/year made? When using a dimmer, when would be the ideal time frame to adjust the output and by how much and for how long? What is the concept behind the dimmer in general (as in, is it just to reduce power consumption or does it make the goo last, etc)?

I'd hate to make work for someone but a dimmer guide would be super handy in the Lava Library ::hint hint, wink wink:: lol

And a bonus question: I've read varying accounts on how long a lamp should be run, but I'm seeing an average of between 8-10 hours. Is that 8-10 hours of movement or just total? What are the consequences of exceeding that and does a dimmer help extend that time frame?

Sorry again for being a newb, I just want to make sure I do this proper. When I get interested in something, I usually go hard at it lol

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Some lamps will show signs of overheating (many small pieces of wax toward the top) on their supplied bulb at full power, I have one like this, and it's always on a dimmer. I also have an aristocrat that I dim sometimes, just to slow down its flow. I start them at full power and when they begin flowing, I turn down the dimmer just slightly. Then after a half hour (for 32oz and 52oz), I adjust the dimmer up or down depending on what the lamp is doing. I use dimmers, just to get the lamp to run the way I like it to, but if it extends wax life, that would be a bonus. I don't know how others use their dimmer, but I just go by trial and error (as the room temperature changes).

The need for a dimmer really depends on the lamp.  It was a necessity on the ceramic Icon series because the ceramic retains more heat than a standard midnight/silver streak base.  The dimmer essentially allowed you to compensate for that extra heat by lowering the heat output from the bulb.  That being said, the resin bases (Daisy, Pimp, Jack-O-Bats, Grim Reaper, etc.) will likely need one for the same reason, but you are on your own with those as Lava Lite didn't include one like with the Icons.

Giants and Grandes.  This lamp shoots to hell any argument Lava Lite might make regarding not changing their formula.  You do not need a dimmer with a Giant.  Ambient temperature seems to have little effect.  A Giant just flows perfectly, unaltered on a 100 watt spot.  For days.  Grandes will overheat if you look at them wrong - you need a dimmer. 

Why they put dimmers on the Heritage line?  I really don't consider it a bonus, but rather a bandage to address their shortcomings.  Pour the proper formula and you won't need it.

I follow no hard rule for how long I run my lamps.  The ones I run most consistently are a Giant, 3 Grandes and a Colossus.  They all get turned on around 8:00am and off at 1:00am.

Dimmers are usually not a must have. If you notice that after awhile the lava seems like it is overheating a dimmer would probably help it run longer and healthier. If you are using the recommended bulb you will not need to adjust it much, I have one lamp that I barley need to adjust to get it to flow right, however I also have a bigger lamp that recommends a 40w bulb, which didn't get the omph it really needed so I have it on a 60w and dim it down to 40 when it starts going. I also have another that hasn't required a dimmer and I run all three of them about 14hrs a day. Get dimmers on an as needed basis, but they can make a lamp a ton better.

Thanks all, that really helped! I've been looking at grandes so this was really good info to have!

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