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I purchase a lamp of some one stupidly enough for £30 including shipping. it Looks like a crestworth in every way. But i am wondering if this a cheap version. because i cant change the light bulb, its like glass bit of the bulb is moulded to the reflector, so if i push that out it will break the bulb.. underneath the lamp is cork base and the in-line switch is the same as my glitter lite lamp
can any one advise me please thanks.

i do have more photos of the bottle it uses in my photo album on my page

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Thanks Crestworth Ltd... i did manage to take the bulb out, the bulb is corroded to the reflector but with a bit of wiggling it came of. i think the the doggy cork is some ones add on, so do you think that i take it off?
i did take that nasty cork off and it looks normal again, it needs a clean up with all this rubbery glue
she's all cleaned up and running now,
Yes a nice Crestworth Living Jewel Glitterlight. A nice find once cleaned up and de-corked! Well worth a mere 30 quid.

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