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Been forever since I actively posted, and after popping in lately I wanted to contribute, I got wind of the Lunar and these two lamps I picked up today. Wanted to share pics and info, as Spencer's would not allow me to look at the lamp out of the box, they were not displayed either. She said only the "more popular ones are displayed" LOL....well here are my thoughts.

Concrete Grey / Light Blue Lava - The concrete grey effect is definitely cool and spot on. Very matte finish with a hand painted finish. It is not a shiny finish the box photo suggests which is a good thing. LOVE the color of the lava, the flow is really great. Has a cool beachy / industrial vibe. It's a wax color I have been wanting as a goo kit forever but never got around to it. It works with all my retro mid century items, so the $34.99 price was well worth it to me. One of my favorite new lamps. A black / clear globe would look great with this too.

Blue Lace Agate / Gold Lava - Although it isn't an a true "Agate" stone pattern, it's more the trendy  drip / resist paint effect that looks very free spirit and mystical. Although slightly different than the glittery flecked paint represented on box, the heat shrink wrap pattern is still nice with gold leaf embossed pattern for swirls. Label says "Lava: Gold" but is not actually metallic wax. Semi transparent golden - brown hues for now (not reddish like my pics). I realize it may take several runs to get the true color. In person it looks like melted caramel, or motor oil, you be the judge. This one is very mystical looking and moody. I am torn on this don't hate it but not in love either.

Both are crystal clear and the flow is really nice overall. Feel like it is money well spent at least.

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The gold lava definitely lightened some, these were edited to show color most as they appear. The base and cap design just competes too much I decided, and this lava color has really grown on me. So a black or gold base works for now. Later a custom tone to match the lava will look oh so earthy and 70s

I have had both of these for a long while and have run them both for many hours. Your gold one is not yet fully developed on color by a long shot. It will eventually flow better and the color will turn into a very deep yellow gold, best I can compare it to is the 1979-1981 Aztec Sun Gold color lava that came with a dark brown base. Schilling has stepped it up big time on the quality of the lava lately. It’s not 90’s glory era or anything, but I do see more stretching blobs rather than all ball shapes and I even got a serpentine column at one point and I almost fainted! The one problem I’m spotting is amount of lava in bottle is a bit short sometimes when I buy one, which does effect flow.

That's great to know, Drew. I was thinking it reminds me of the Aztec although I have never owned one. In fact I bought a few different spray paint colors to paint a spare base and cap. Almost bought a metallic bronze for Aztec effect. Instead I settled on a satin Aubergine (Burgundy-Purpleish) and Matte Hammered black to try out.

These have an ‘old school’ Lava Lite feel about them. Great that they’re clear and flow well. Really nice designs as well.

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