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Ok so... being OCD doesn't always pay off.  My Regency had leaked from the cap (it's a refilled Regency, Salmon/Clear) and dripped some liquid down the side.  I wanted to screw the cap tight when it was only halfway warmed up so it wouldn't be in too much of a vacuum or too much the opposite. (Which is best? Does anyone know?)  

Anyway, when the cap gave way, the molten lava at the top broke up in to tons of tiny bubbles as the force of the cap giving way shook it just enough to act like a small earthquake.... Stupid me, you would think after so many years working on lava, I would know better.  Well I shut it off right away, and turned the A/C way up to help cool it quickly.  It's been a few hours and the the majority of the tiny specs of lava have sank to the bottom (thankfully) but when I shine a light through the liquid, there is tons of lava particle dust in suspension....  Ok Ok maybe I should not even worry about it as I can't really see it without a flashlight shining through it, but what is the best course of action at this point? Should I just let it run a few cycles and pray a lot? I am not sure the freezer or refrigerator trick is necessary, what do you gooheads think?

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It doesnt sound too shaken up. It should clear up. I have had lamps that I have shaken up...some on purpose some not... and they usually clear up within 24 to 48 hours.
I too have done this a number of time...I guess I have been very fortunate as it has not caused permanent damage to em.. but I too did pretty close to what you did by turning off and putting in cool area.. with one exception .. I went ahead and gave it a swirl thinking the current from the swirl would help to filter those scary particles back into the main lava glob. I mean unless you caused a milkshake and completely emulsified the lava I am sure you should be okay too

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