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what a load of old bull they are saying, £1500 for a complete lunar my arse, i got a brand spankin new one here they can have for a grand he he he
Yeh i agree the description is a bit urm... and the bottle looks a little worn out but a new bottle and a good polish and someones got a nice Lunar :)

A brand new Lunar, do tell us more ;) Did you get my message about the nose cone too?
What a load of crap. Why is it that people always have to pump up the descriptions.
"Oh my god!!! It's highly collectable. A whopping 15 years old!!" Give me a break.....
It's damaged and missing the tip on the cap.
Hate to say it, but Lunars aren't rare. They're often for sale on a weekly, if not daily basis. They're often seen on e-Bay Germany, for a lot less than they sell for on e-Bay UK (ps. the shipping from Germany is alot cheaper than from the UK).
Nice lamps, but let's get realistic.....Anybody that would pay 800 Pounds for a Lunar base, or 1,500 Pounds (around 3,000 US dollars) for a complete lamp (as this seller claims) would need they're head examined.
I agree. They are listed on a regular basis. About the only "rarity" is the one that is not beat to hell and back. That's about it. As for price, no thanks. He can keep it for that much.
no i didnt get your message, but i will be keeping the new nose cone as they dont come up that often anyway sorry to disapoint you,
No probs Kris, can understand you wanting to keep it :)
I agree with everyones comments, its not in the best nick and i wouldnt pay £500 for it, but a bit of TLC and it will come up nice.
I now have three of them ;) three is a magic number as they say :) I wont be buying any more, three is quite enough lol!
I lower the thermostat and turn on the lava lamps. Keeps the room nice -n- toasty. ;-)
Meter, what meter? What is this device you speak of lol ;)
Too true Craig. This is a load of nonsence.
Lol too true, the leccy here is a serious RIP OFF!!

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