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Hey guys! I came across this lamp at a flea market. Anybody know what it is?  I didn't buy it because the booth owner wasn't there. There is no marking anywhere on it. I may pick it up if its still there and worth while. 

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Dont really know myself but kinda stating the obvious it looks like a old glitter lamp solvent filled etc.

Could that be a chrome Jet?

Image result for mathmos chrome+jet

I'd scoop that lamp up

of course, i have an addiction

I'm in therapy but its not working...

Hello everyone,.. Ahem,,... my name is Claude

its been 2 hrs since I bought a lava lamp.....

It may come to me but I cannot remember the name right now. But I am pretty sure it is a late 70s to early 80s import glitter lamp. Not particularly special don't pay much.

It kind of looks like a YAPS lamp (Hong Kong 1980s), but I don't think it is.  YAPS had plastic hardware - this looks like metal/chrome.  I agree it looks 70s-80s.

On second thought, I think it is a YAPS.  Check out this OG thread http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/1979-yaps-crystal-mood-lamp-... .

I bought one on Ebay a while back for $25.  It was kind of like the one at your flea market - needed work.  

Mine isn't as chrome-looking as this one, but I bet this one has plastic hardware, too.

Kirk. That is a YAPS. That is the brand name I was trying to recall. Not worth much.
Okay, I don't feel bad about being unable to buy it, now. Thanks for the input guys!

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