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Hi Guys,


Im after an Astro base & cap if anyone has one they want to sell/swap, would prefer one with the black flex/switch if poss. Condition wise doesnt really matter as im going to have it flocked so if its scratched then i dont mind.


If you have then drop me a message, i have some spare bits n bovs myself so if your looking for a swap let me know.


Thanks guys


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Hey Grant,


Yes will be flocking the base so surface scratches wont be a problem, would prefer no dents tho as they may still show through.




I may have some astro and astrobaby bases and caps, no dents too. Are you in the UK? Anywhere near Yorkshire? PM me if you want any details etc.
How difficult is flocking? I have a LOT of spare midnight bases and this might be a fun project to do.
I wont be doing the flocking myself, im sending them away to be done, same guys who flocked the fluidium base for richard

thanks susan i,ll pm you now :)

Hey Rich,


I cant wait to get the bases back, is the flock quite thick then as i thought any dents would show up no matter how deep?


I'll post up pics when my project is finished :)



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