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I don't see many people posting stuff for sale, and I've got the collecting itch for the second time! Is anyone selling any weird or obscure models? Not even super rare, but like, a Wizard style lamp would even be cool to have. Anyone?!? Message or E-Mail me at RyanJOakley@gmail.com and tell me what you've got! Thanks! My girlfriend and I are loving this community!

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Although it's good to always try the OG community first, have you looked at ebay and craig's list?  I found a few decent lamps (although not lava) at local 2nd hand shops and yard sales!!!  Keep your eyes peeled!!  You just never know where lava will show up, lol!!!

I'll second what Carol said. Although I've had zero luck with Craig's List, I've scored a few beauties on ebay. (Been burned a few times too, but it pretty much evened out.) A lot of times it can come down to timing - i.e. seeing it before another community member sees it!

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