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Saw that last night. I've never seen one with the cross and never seen one with that lava color! 

That's the first Meditation Consort I've seen in 12 years of collecting.

It looks legitimate. The only defect is that the bottom of the cross is missing.

It's been quite a year for vintage Consort discoveries. A 4 legged Continental shows up, a brass colored metal based Consort is spotted in a 1972 advertisement, and now this!

Congratulations to the new owner!

Yes, I saw this early this morning .  Gone already!  I hope someone here got it.  : )

Wow!  Great to finally see one.  I hope it is the real thing.  I will point out the obvious.  It has a black cap like those found on the

Mediterranean.  It may be that the finish was worn away over the years.  I tried to make a reproduction of this lamp a few years ago.  Here is what I came up with. 

Wow, hyper-rare! I once made a replica using thin strips of black electrical tape. It looked pretty poor.

The color of this one is suspect (replaced contents?) though the Cross is almost certainly authentic, as some catalogs show the outline having fills in the corners like that. Whoever got it, congrats! Hope you keep the Cross as-is despite the missing paint...

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