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My sister gave this to me yesterday as a thank you gift.  Said she got it from some website and wouldn't tell me how much she paid for it.  It's pretty cloudy as you can see, but it also seems pretty old and has teal lava.


It resembles an Astro Mini, but it doesn't have that black rim around the base.  It's about a foot tall from base to cap.  The top is screw on, not bottle cap.  The base finish is appears to be copperish, but can also be tarnished silver depending on the lighting.  No flip switch, plugging it in turns it on.  Light bulb is strange.  It seems to be a skinnier version of an R14 reflector bulb.  The chord is a light blue, and the plug connector is definitely old. 


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Looks china-made to me.

I doubt its a china one - it could be a hunter lamp, thies were made in the same time as Cretworth lamps but were a cheaper alternivave.

Could you uplode pictures of the inside of the base etc.

Oh, and we never figured out what it was, either: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/very-rare-lava-on-etsy 

Erin!  Omg...that's MINE! Right down to the black tape around the wire.  At least I know where my sister got it from, but it still doesn't say what it is.


Here are some pictutres of the inner base.

Read the 2nd link I posted... even our lava lamp expert didn't know what it was! LOL The seller didn't either. To this date, we have no clue what that lamp is. No one can seem to identify it. I'm glad someone here has it though! 

I didn't see the second post.  Well, for now it stays mystery lamp.  Hopefully it will clear up.

Keep us posted. It's a very unusual lamp and no one else has one like it. :)

Whatever it is, it looks both domestic and foreign somehow (to me) and none of us have ever seen one like it. Carlos, you now own one of the ONLY lamps I've ever seen with which no one knows who made it, or even what country it's from. I'm betting it IS at least 1980s old.

Just my opinion on it: don't try to filter it, or change it - if it flows, keep it as it is and count yourself lucky! Your sister is awesome.

~ Jonas

is there any lettering on teh cap of the globe or under the base? I'm with Tim when I first saw this on esty I thought a hunter.

I have done some reashearsh and I am certin its a hunter - not one of the standerd styles but a slight varation so mabie it was a limited release or a prototype as i dont think clear / teal was released.

Check out this info on it http://www.imovatedesign.co.uk/astro/hunterlamps.html

I lean more toward it being Australian, or Chinese/Taiwanese for the UK or Australian market. It just doesn't have enough Hunter similarities to me. Hunter always used the same bottle, and this one's taper starts too high.

Hunter also didn't, as far as I know, do brass. They did a very orange copper and, rarely, silver. If it IS a Hunter, the base's inner workings are set-up very differently.

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