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I think by now it's known that I'm generally good at IDing oddball lamps. I can usually guess at country of origin. But for once, I'm stumped - I've got no effin' clue what this thing could be! But if you squint and tilt your head a little, it kinda-sorta looks a bit like a Hunter, but I really don't think it's a Hunter. It just somehow doesn't look quite right. And Hunter didn't, as far as I know, use turquoise lava, through they WERE the very first purple lava.


Whatever it is, it flows, it's semi-clear, and an OG collector should be the person to grab this. And hopefully keep it exactly as it is inside, 'cuz it's a lamp so out-there, I can't even guess at it.

...but I'm by no means the only person here who has a knack for IDing oddball lamps. Anyone else have a guess? Seems it must be wired for US current, but it has a turquoise cord (matches the lava!)

To me, it kind of has a utilitarian, no frills "made by the US Government in the 60s for offices" look about it, especially the turquoise.

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I've been in touch with the seller and there are no markings on this lamp. Just an FYI. I almost snagged it, but $92 is too much. Should be a neat grab though. 

The seller will go down in price - just put in TAKE12 at checkout and they'll discount $12. 

Good luck. Someone better post pics if they get it! 

Oh, AND it's in Tacoma, about a 40-minute drive from me. If anyone is afraid of it arriving safely, please feel free to have me pick it up and then do a killer packing job on it. I can't afford the thing, but it'd give me a chance to both examine it and take extensive photos, and make darned sure it gets where it's going in great shape. My shipper has even sent Icons all the way across the US to two locations with no breakage, their packing is perfect.

My initial gut instinct also says "Hunter", but if it has original North American wiring, then I guess it's not a Hunter.

Possibly a Lockwood from Australia? 


Sellers also say it has not been re-wired. They say it's very heavy. 

Don't think it's a Lockwood either.

I reckon its USA made and built well looking at the condition and style of the base and that the seller says its heavy

Hunter lamps were competitors to Cretsworth - they were made from cheaper materials and were quickly made, the flow of them was bubblie compared to mathmos lamps

I think this could either be a home made or small company made from the US, other then that I really don't know.

Well no one is inspired enough to buy this lamp! I was tempted, I admit, but even at $80 it's just too much. It's a pretty boring looking lamp, at a tad hazy, too. 

A Rarity and a one-of? I love an enigma..

I hope one of us gets this thing. Chow, maybe? Wizard of Ooze? Bryin?

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