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I am trying to collect the Midnight series and I need more there usually not on ebay that much so I am looking to buy from you.  

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I have a couple at home that I will send you details on when I get back in town on Saturday.

Any particular color combos you are looking for?

Note that these are the 32 oz variety....

yes i am looking for the 32oz i am looking foor the 8414 (Blue) and 8410(RED) Thanks

I am certain that I have the 8410; pretty sure that I do not have the 8414 blue.

I picked it up on ebay and it is in great shape but just checked the original listing and it cost me $43 with the shipping. Let me know if that + the shipping costs works for you otherwise I understand and no worries. Can't take a loss on it.

Original Listing

I may have a few you may want also.

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