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Not sure if any of you have a closing Kmart store near you, but I stopped into one of my local Kmarts that has begun liquidation and found this haul! It's almost as if the liquidator brought in Lava Lite product Kmart hadn't been carrying. I'd never seen anything larger than 20 oz lamps at Kmart. They had 52 oz lamps, a few 32 oz models, clearview lamps and the best surprise... 80 oz Royale lamps marked at 25.00 before an additional 20% off! Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me and I am happy to say it isn't a terrible lamp... and after all was said and done it came down at 19.00. Attached some photos of the stock they had and my lamp once it fired up. Flow is okay, not terrible. Crystal clear globe too. So, if anyone is looking for a steal on a Royale lamp, check out your local closing Kmarts!

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Very nice, Michael. I would love to nab a Royale for myself too someday. Originally I heard that they were pulled from production temporarily. However, it doesn't seem like LifeSpan is planning to bring them back.

Dang, I so want a royale even if it's not perfect, I think the size would be great for a glitter conversion.

Get me one, pretty please :)

Can you get any royales for us??? Did they have more than one?

The kmarts near me, I think one left, is still in business.

Hell, if I was flush, I'd paypal you for a couple + shipping

Apparently none are closing near me


The one is Sterling IL is already closed 2 yrs ago

it was the Anchor store

Everything else pulled out and relocated

Its now a trucker/rv overnight parking spot

Only thing left is a nail salon with over 25 retail units for lease

I had to go back and get the second one. Not sure if the cashier made a mistake ringing it. But the second one with an additional coupon they were handing out at the door, it came to $9.89! The flow is getting better. Stretchier and more columns.

hell of a deal

Right place. Right time. ;)


Nice, I thought you were going to grab the other one for another fellow oozer to enjoy :( namely myself :)

If you ever want to sell one for a fair price, I am 100% interested!!!

Kero, there may be a third there. I am going back this week. They had a lot of stuff and as you can imagine it isn't the most organized given the nature of store liquidations. If I find another, I will let you know. You were the first to ask.

Michael, thank you, will really appreciate that if you find one and offer to sell it to me :)

I went to my local kmart (after your post) that is still in business and not going out of business anytime soon (one of the last in my area). I was shocked to see that they had a very big selection of lava lamps. Bigger than Walmart, bigger than target and equal to spencers.

Alll their models are 2015 and up. Nothing that anyone would consider crazy rare but the nice thing, all 14.5" and 17" models were $15 on sale. I didn't get anything despite the good price as there was nothing that I was in love with color/style wise.

Keeping my fingers crossed you find one OR decide one day to sell one of the two you have :)

Not a bad price at all - I went back hoping to get a third for Kero and there were no Royale lamps left. I still am unsure if these were a typical Kmart product. I have heard that at times when liquidators take over closing locations, they bring in some of their own merchandise. Regular Kmart lighting still there was marked at 50% off - the lava product was in a different section marked at 20% labeled "Regional Merchandise". That said, if LL really is done with the Royale, it might start showing up at other discount realtors, like when the Heritage series hit the shelves in Ross & Tuesday Morning a few years back. Keep your eyes peeled!

Chow said:

Michael, thanks for letting me know, I had my hopes high :(

Chow, thanks for the link, maybe I'll give that a shot but it might be cloudy as sometimes when you buy from the store you can check the bottle first like I do a spencers from time to time.

It's a crap shoot really but if it stays low, maybe I'll give it a whirl!

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