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I have been rebuilding lamps for quite a while now. Just opened a new quart of lava from Goo Kits. Rebuilding a accent and a mid size lamp. I believe I have a bad batch of lava. I cannot get this new batch to separate. The more salt or dispersant you add, the lava just makes a ball at the end of a stem from the bottom. The more chemicals, the higher the ball in the globe. Replaced water several times and get the same result.

As I said, I have been rebuilding lamps with consistent success using the Goo Kit lava. Never had this problem till I opened this new quart.

Anyone else experience a situation like this ?? Thanks.

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i have had nothing but bad luck with their goo. ive noticed a decline in quality since 2014 or so. some of the goo will even have dirt and dibree in the bottom of the container. lava lite seems to have changed their formula around december of 2016 and they seem to have brought back us 90s flow so ive been just buying new lamps lately instead of goo kits.
just an example of a new lava lite lamp from spencers. much better than goo kits lately
Yes Zachary, I agree! I've had debris in the last few kits I've bought, and the price just keeps going up and up! It's nearly out of my budget now. $80 for a kit or nearly $50 for one quart of shitty goo. I've never tried mixing Epsom salts or anything though. I just use the surf provided.
I just didy fourth kit after the third went extremely well (aside from the debris I didn't manage to filter out) so this fourth one I'm having trouble with the coil from the 2010 Grande I'm using. But what bugs me even more is the huge chunk of light wax that keeps getting stuck at the top... hoping it'll fix itself.
Anyway Steve, about your problem, just email magma tower. Idk if they do refunds but it's worth bringing to their attention that you got a bad batch. The price is too high to get subpar goo... -.-
i have experienced the same issue with that chunk that stays at the top. i even used my heat gun to help melt it and all it did was fill up with bubbles and harden back up, never connecting with the rest of the wax. i gave up on the provided surf from the kit and had better luck with dawn liquid soap. the goo kit surf just made the globe cloudy
The third gookit I mentioned that went rather well. Hope it comes up okay from my iPhone. For some reason the pic usually gets stretched out when I upload- drives me nuts lol.

Follow up to my original post.  With Summer coming on I have not replaced this bad lava.  The larger lamp is at work so I turn it on every day anyway.  So this lava is just crazy.  Some days it just sits there as a big blob on top of a lava stem for 8 hours.  Other days after a normal warm up I get a lamp that could not work more wonderfully.  Absolutely beautiful with the shapes and separations of the lava flowing up and then back down.  Then the next day Nothing!  Every day when you turn it on, you never know what you will get, A beautiful working lamp, or a dud.  

Just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this. 

My fourth kit is pissing me off to no end. First the coil wouldn't work. Got a new coil from dr what. That coil sticks great, but I took hours remelting it and trying to get the wax residue from sticking too the inside- no luck- still looks like shit.
The goo has a floater I can't get to go down. I contemplate taking it out but worry another will just form in its place. The wax constantly wants to ertirely rise up before it melts. Last time it did that, I tried to shake it so it would break before floating. I've had this grande uncapped for weeks and weeks.... a drop of water came out and hit the food light BOOM glass all over my room. Replaced the bulb cleaned for hours. My heritage grande dimmer no longer works as a result.
Tonight I decided to add a little more dye. But I can't dim it so now it gets too hot. Stirred a little dye in while I was running it, now half the wax is stuck at the top.
This lamp has been the biggest fucking headache. Oh and on top of that, the liquid is really cloudy for the first time ever, the $20 surfactant ruined my $2 of distilled water.

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