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Hi guys what do you think about this fluidium on ebay UK? 

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Richard said:

Too right Kaia
Sue: mathmos will do any current colour combination but it's only really worth it for fluidium or lunar bottles as they're only available in limited colours but for the likes of astro and baby bottles it's easier to just buy 2 bottles and swap the liquids for what the cost of 1 is !
Astrobaby, I dont wanne insult you, but it WAS Mathmos contents and it DID work very very well....I can upload several pics showing it and since a friend of mine bought it I could even get a video. To be honest it worked even better than the factory fluidiums as it ran on 30 AND 40 watt bulbs and had a beautifull flow. It seems magical and maybe I'm just a very lucky guy, but I switched contens from almost every bottle and didnt see any difference when flowing....the difference in formulae can't be THAT dramatically...even my glitterball lunar works very well and I dont have to tell that it's not factory made. Again, no insult, just facts....

Astrobaby I heart NY said:
For oozinggoo members: I know a certain member keeps telling that my stuff is fake and not
original, well it depends how you define fake. Of course the metallic Lunar bottle was not sold by
mathmos, but I used original contents of 4 astro metallics to make it, it flows perfectly and looks
stunning. For me thats not fake, its custom made. Same for the blue fluidium. I used wax from
2 blue/blue astros and a white clear for the fluid, and nothing else. So Ant, come on, keep telling
my stuff is fake and to avoid me, it's a embarrassing that you drag our personal differences onto ebay.

This thread is about the Mathmos Fluidium. The Fluidium is not original, and the wax inside even if the person used Mathmos wax would not work properly in a Fluidium. We all know that Fluidium needs a slightly different optimised version of the formula for it to work, due to the base being small and the top being so big, thus the warming period being lengthy. So even if the person has used Mathmos wax it will not work properly as Fluidiums are intended to do. Also when one starts to tamper with the originality of the bottle and when someone tampers by adding waxes it ceases to be original.

This is nothing personal, it is simply not the factory original, and it just isn't me saying it. There are only three original blue fluidiums in the world and they are kept by the designers of the lamp. - peace - 'baby.

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