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I've been anticipating the purchase of my grande neon pink heritage amp for sometime and finally bought it as my bday present to me ;D

I would like to call on your awesomeness to help me out as I have a few smaller problems.

Firstly there was no light bulb included. It says 100W is included in product description as well as marked on the box. I am SOOO SAD I can't just plug and play. Is the Internet the best place to get a bulb??! I'm in Canada so would love to go pick one up at the hardware store. But not before checking with the experts. This lamp is my baby if something was to happen not sure what I'd do!!!

The last of the weirdness is the hat doesn't sit very snug at all not like my other lava lamp products which fit so nicely to hide the water line. Would it be possible to one day add a little more liquid. I can want perfection a little too much but if its possible then one day I will. ;D

Thank you so much for any help I think this site is the MOST AMAZING COLLECTION OF AWESOME the Internet has!!

Sharing is caring :)

- MissLola__

Ps. Not quite sure if I posted this wrong or in the wrong place my apologies if so.

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I'm pretty sure a bulb should've been included. 

But here's a tip. I have also noticed that the "hats" on the Grandes don't fit snug. What I do is take 1 kleenex tissue and place it inside the hat........not wadded up, but placed inside, like a coffee filter or a cupcake. This will keep the metal hat from rattling around. 

Lola, my guess is that light bulb is hiding from you.  Check the holes in the Styrofoam that was used on top of the globe, they sneak them into a little cutout hole and tape them in so they do not fall out. I thought the same for mine until I noticed a piece of bubble wrap poking out of one of the crevices.

As for the top cap, each of my grandes also have wiggle on them, this is normal. Phishys tip might be of use if you would like to minimize the movement and rattle they make when you walk by, haha.  The water line is intentionally below the cap, you will find that once the lamp is brought to full temperature and flowing that the level raises up and under the cap giving a clean, line free look when in action . Would not recommend adding liquid as it may become too full when running, that liquid level will rise fairly high up under the cap.

They are really pretty lamps, keep us posted on yours. Some, including myself, have experienced issues with them that tend to work themselves out over a few runs.

WOW you are more amazing then I thought and that was amazing!! What a sneaky box! and here i though i was crazy ! Good to not be alone :) My life is now perfect!!! Can not wait to post a picture tonight!! ;D


Is it warmed up and gooing yet?  :D

Yup they hide the bulbs in the stryofoam on the bottom,  I almost threw it out myself the 1st time.  Forgot about them including a bulb at first.

You will love the lamp...but be forewarned it takes a long time to get going...about 7 hours, a bit longer the 1st few runs until it gets broken in some.

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