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For sale is a brand new Lava Phone.  I have unpacked it and cycled it about 3 times, flows great.  Everything is complete and new.  The box is very nice and this one includes all the baggies, packing, warranty cards, etc.

See it all here:  https://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/albums/brand-new-lava-phone-unpack...

$55 plus actual shipping cost.  Check or cash okay as I don't mind avoiding PayPal fees.


Rich C.

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I would love to have that, but I can see myself answering the phone

and walking & talking and pull it off the shelf.  It has been a long time

since I've used a corded phone ;-)

Wow!!!  It's been so long since I've used a corded, that I never even thought about that lava globe smashing to the floor due to the whole pulling of the cord thing!!!  I used to do that to my mom's phone back in the day all the time!!!  OMG, she would yell and scream for pulling the phone right off of the table.  I blamed her for having it neatly placed on one of those doily scarf thingies that they used underneath EVERYTHING back in the day.  Remember them?  and they would starch them!!!!  So she puts the darn phone on that thing on polished wood.......me being a teenager at the time...pull, pull, smash!!!  Those phones took a beating back in those days though before they even thought about breaking!!!

So, just use it as a Lava Lamp.......  ;)

Not into those icon lamps much Rich!!!  Yea, I like to look at them in others collections, but I'm not a big fan!!!  I do like those Halloween ones though and there are a few I wouldn't kick outta bed !!!!  lol!!!  but all in all, .........

Bump to the top.  This item is still available.  Would consider full or partial trades for a decent vintage lamp.

My birthday is coming up so from now until then (1/6/2015) I'll offer up the Lava Phone for $60 with free shipping to anywhere in the CONUSA.  I would also trade it even up for a red Lightning 2 with box.  The Lava Phone comes in a fairly large box so free shipping is no small item.  I have test run it and it is one of the best flowing globes I've seen.

Having a "I need some of this stuff out if here" sale.  Lava phone $55 shipped in the CON USA.

This item is still available.

How much?

Two years ago I said $55 shipped but shipping has gone up a lot.  Now I'd say $65 shipped in the CONUSA.

Thats with the box and everything?

Rich C said:

Two years ago I said $55 shipped but shipping has gone up a lot.  Now I'd say $65 shipped in the CONUSA.

Yes, box, syrofoam, baggies, warranty card.  Just like new.  

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