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Brand New Mathmos Astros for sale - Lamps located in USA with free shipping.

I was given the advice to try to sell these directly to you folks instead of listing on ebay, so I am going to try it.
I have 5 lamps to sell (all full size Astros)
Clear / White
Blue / Green
Violet / Red
Violet / Orange
Yellow / Red

I only have one of each, so you will have to act fast, I will offer them for $100.00 flat which includes basic shipping (48 states), if you want insurance or a faster service, you will have to pay for those. Also, if you want to pay with paypal, you will have to add 3% to the total. I am barely breaking even here, so I refuse to pay any fees. I really prefer a money order or personal check, but it is understandable if some feel more comfortable with PayPal.

I have opened each one and inspected them, and they are all perfectly clear, they have never been run however. They are as you probably know, wired for the U.K. so you will need a voltage adapter or will need to rewire them for the U.S.

Please reply to this with the color combo you want and I will set them aside for whoever responds first, if you want to pay by check, then I will give you 5 days to get the check to my address for payment.

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Maybe you won't have to act fast.......
Lol. Excellent prices honestly. Really excellent prices. Of course, at the worst time. I have other deals pending and such. Hmm.

People really need to jump on these ASAP!
do you still have any of these?
All of them, as you can see- no one has responded yet. If you want one, just reply to this with the color(s), then we can become friends and work out the details. Let me know.
I'd like to consider purchasing the clear/white and yellow/red.
Could you let me know the total price, including shipping both lamps to Canada by US post. I can pay you with paypal (I will pay the 3% additional charge, no problem).
I have checked with the U.S. Postal Service, the package weighs 17 pounds and is 18 x 11 x 13 inches big. They quote $45.00 to Canada. They told me that they no longer offer regular shipping service to Canada, Priority Mail is the minimum (cheapest service) they provide. This does not sound cost effective to me for you, with this in mind the total, would be $231.75 all together and that is without insurance which would be about $5.00 more. I also checked UPS, they require an exact area code for you in Canada, but I just picked one that was in Alberta and the total came to about $43.00 which is similar to U.S. Postal Service. I recommend UPS, as the U.S. Postal service is not as responsible or careful with packages as UPS, and then there is the fact that it is actually $2.00 cheaper anyway. If you send me your postal code in Alberta, I will give you a definite number for UPS service. Would you want the insurance too? let me know.

Thanks Again
$100 for all??
Don't be silly. :P $100 per lamp.
The Lamps are $100.00 each including shipping to any of the lower 48 states. So if you wanted all 5 it would be $500.00. These lamps retail for about $72.00 each in the UK and after shipping you will pay about $120.00 for one lamp. The advantage here is the $20.00 savings by buying it from someone within in U.S. I can save you a ton of money on shipping here even if you are buying more than one.
Alright, I consider this a failure, over a week and no one interested. I am probably just going to keep them or list them on ebay again, we will see.
hello there, id like to have the blue/green one.
Hi Drew, do you have any of these left? Thanks! dk

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