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Can I dye yellow ax any colors other than green or orange?

Brought a blue/yellow Aristocrat back from the dead and the yellow just isn't doing it for me.... but great flow!

Thanks much!!

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You can only dye wax a darker color than it currently has that contains yellow pigment

Thanks Gwen - nice to hear from you after reading many of your previous posts while trying to educate myself.

Now I need to get some liquid dye as the local Hobby Lobby only has the "squares".... has anyone had success with this type of dye?

I have used the dye chips from Peak, you really have to be extra sure all the dye has

melted and blended in well.  I have had a couple with little specks of dye visible and had

to recook the wax.

I have used Peak Liquid candle dyes, they work excellent. A little goes a loooong way.

I should have added, with the chips you really want to do it on the stove,  they need a little more heat than the

lamps put out.  And yes the liquid is much handier, blends in fast and in the lamp not on the stove.

I would order some liquid dye, tons easier to use.

You guys rock.

Learning from the trials and tribulations of others is much appreciated.

Gonna take a break from this bastard spreadsheet that I have been crunching all day and order some of the liquid dye.

Any suggestions on the color white? I do not see it on the Peak site....

White is fresh un colored wax, there is no way to create it

Here is an option

And yes, you need to give that wax/goo a bit more heat than a lamp gives of to blend it well


I'm sitting here looking at a recently rescued Chinese 52 and wondering if I can get chocolate out of it.  According to theory brown is possible from the three primary colors.  It is currently a bright yellow.  I may try as this lamp was supposed to be filled with Kirk's glitter for my son.  Nothing to loose.

check out my pics

I did a custom Chocolate color for the 14" DOHO lamp

liquid dye

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