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I have two 52oz Century's  I noted the bases are not the same. 

The one on the left has less pin holes and is shorter (smaller

bottle support)  While the one on the right has no voids of

pin hole columns and  larger bottle support.

The bottoms are different as well, the left one has smaller

thin feet (two screws holding it on) and the right one has thicker

feet, one screw and maybe a date code of 9-73.


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They probably had a zillion little variances over the years.

From the Lava Library page:


Variances all over the place. I know Marley and I once had a conversation just about the variances to be found in Wizard and Starship caps. The joys of being an OCD goo-head!

Amen to that, Rob!   Rich, please don't get us started on checking out our Centuries......too late....can't get it out of my mind now.  :-)   OCD aka CDO goo-heads we are!

At some point in their history, both Century and Aristocrat bases' top edges were lowered. Century happened in early 70s, Aristo possibly a bit later. Yours is one of a few, made in the oh, 71-74 or so era, where the gold lacquer applied to the metal tended to fade, leaving them silver; I've only seen this on Centuries. The earlier ones also had closer rows of holes, yes. Good eye!

Besides the Aristocrat and Wizard, other lamps with variants include the Consort and associated models and the Aladdins Lamp.

The midnight has many variations too. I have 5 midnights, and out of those, I have 4 distinct versions.

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