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Ok, I have a very nice older lamp with a great flow. Problem is the greenish Lava is just....meh.... I hate to do a whole pour and refill, especially with perfectly good Lava but the color just isn't doing it for me.
Any suggestions?

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If it really bugs you, try experimenting! Put a tiny bit of gookit dye in there and see what happens. I think that color looks quite original, maybe just sell it on eBay and get a different one?

I see what you mean about the color and yes it would be nice in another color, but changing the color only can be tricky. You could add some goo kit dye and make it more green, black or purple something dark would be the only option as you would be adding more dye to what is already there.

Personally going for a dark green could work.

I had wondered if goo kit blue would be strong enough to consume the green tinge. Have you ever tried it?

I have redyed a LL grande from purple to black that was quite easy as I just added more dye to make it black.

Adding blue dye would probably make it more purple and yes if quite a bit of dye was added it would probably turn a dark blue / purple but I don't think you could get a bright light blue from it then again I may be wrong.

My advice - add a very small amount of dye at a time and see how it goes too much and you cant change things so always add small amounts, wait and then add more if needed.

try adding a little bit at a time

Goo Kit blue dye can be somewhat transparent if use sparingly, so add a little at a time or it turns dark quickly

Their green will do the trick, if you want to keep it that color.

It should mixx ok

I tried making my grande purple- some red and a tiny bit of blue. It turned green. So you really have to be careful... I would just try and sell that mint lamp to be safe... but sometimes experiments are worth the blunders that come out of it lol. I don't trust gookit dye one but even for grandes. It just oversaturates too easily.

Hey 6 ft! long time no see! I think gookit dye will be okay with LL lava. Their goo kind of sucks now and its too transparent so colors dont look like you want them after dyeing them. Especially blue and green colors.

Goo kit dye should work, but I think it might look better with dyed water. That was probably a blue green globe, but the blue faded over the years.It would stay more original that way in my opinion. 

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