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Coachlight lanterns whats your opinions on them ?

Thinking of getting one they look neat.  But i was wondering what you guys think a good price for one is ?

They all seem to be 120-200$ on ebay, seems like a lo.  whats your opinions on this one.


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They occasionally pop up on Letgo and Facebook marketplace at much cheaper prices. Definitely worth a look. 

Oh ok ill check it out

For the longest time these were going for $150-$200 all day long even as high as like $300. The market is saturated with these lamps at the moment they’ve been coming up for sale fairly frequently. I’ve seen some sell for around $75 shipped which is a great deal. If I personally were to buy one I wouldn’t spend more than $100-$125 so this one isn’t a bad deal. Just make sure they send you pictures of the cap underneath incase it’s cracked or broken.

I dont do facebook or social media but i checked it out.. man there are a ton of vintage lamps for like 25-30$ on there. thanks for that suggestion michael lol

Of course! So many of my recent scores have been Facebook marketplace. When they first introduced it to Facebook, it literally turned Craigslist and Letgo on their heads. So many more people connected with old lamps laying around. 

Jon said:

I dont do facebook or social media but i checked it out.. man there are a ton of vintage lamps for like 25-30$ on there. thanks for that suggestion michael lol

Yea i just bought a 70s starlight century with blue lava for $30 lol.  And i bought a coachlight for $50.  Ima pick them up tomorrow.  I havent paid for em now but you know what i mean lol.  The coahlight cap isnt cracked, no dents on the metal cap or base, but it is missing a screw she said.. thats fine.. for $50 ill take that over $100-150 and $20-30 in shipping

So two lamps for $70 where ebay is like 70-150$ for one lamp.  I wish i knew about this earlier hah

well here is my coachlight lantern.. drove 2 1.2 hours one way for it... Was suuper dusty probaly hasnt been used in years..  No scratchs or dents except where you take the metal capp off on the poles..  Lava looks great cold but im heating it up now..  Very clear

A tad low though.. its like 2 inches low.   Dated May 1975 got it for 50$.  Tomorrow im driving an hour ina half to buy a Century stat light laml..  52 oz  But its dated 1971.. And it has clear liquid with light blue lava.. how rare is that ?? all ive seen online are red globes.  And 1971 is really old for a century starlight isnt it ?  Itsonly 30.

god anyone know a good site to link pics.. ever since photobucket screwed everyone i cabt find a site that shows the images vs just a link


I check letgo daliy in my area, I wish one of these shows up but no such luck yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Yea was 2hr drive just to the lamp.. but was only 50$ ..  Tomorrow im gonna buy the 1971 clear light blue wax century starlight..  Ive never seen any other globe but red when i look on google.. even ebay is all red

That lantern is in great shape! I’m glad you found one (relatively) close for a good price.

The wax might be getting worn out i think.. Im not expert but it isnt as deep red as my 77 century and it flows big round blobs like newer lamps vs one long strand like my century.   The wax is also semi clear..  Looks like red Jello almost.. not as clear of course but it is deff clear compared to the deeper solid red on the century..

Does this mean the wax is wearing out ?  Here is a picture of the lamp with it being on for 3 hours almost



and this is my century


Well update on the lamp, after 3-4 hours all the wax was just sitting on top and it barely flowed as it wouldnt sink..  I suspected it was the low water level, as less water means the wax is less dense then the water so it floats more (think salt water if you take 20% of the fresh water out of salt water then the water becomes more dense.  So i took the cap off, and added 2 inches of water almost.  The wax would go up and then stop 2-3 inches before the top as the dense fresh water was pushing it down.

So i had to shut the lamp off and cool it so i could gently swirl the liquid and mix the fresh water together with the lamps fluids.  Did that, turned it back on and now its flowing alot better.  It goes up and comes down.  Doesnt just sit on the top. 

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