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I really want a yellow Wizard. I tried buying one from Lava World since it still showed them on their site, but alas, they had no more and subsequently removed the color from their website. :-( Anyone have a yellow wizard glitter globe they would like to sell???

I remember someone suggesting using oil based candle dye to color the liquid in a Wizard glitter. Has anyone actually done this and knows it works well? If it really does, I suppose I could fade out an extra red I have and dye it yellow. I just would like to know it actually works and won't ruin the globe.



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I read food coloring will just separate since it's water based and the glitters are oil based.
Will the oil based liquid candle dyes become blobs and stick to the glitter too? Any ideas on how to get/make a yellow wizard since LW doesn't have any more? I don't remember seeing any on Ebay in the last year.
Well that sucks! I really wanted a yellow. :-( Are there any other glitter lamps out there with a yellow color that I could put in a 32oz lava bottle? Or a recipe for creating one? It seems like there must be something out there...
recoloring with candle dye(liquid) does work. I changed a yellow into orange by adding a drop or 2 of red dye via a syringe through the plastic plug under the cap and put a dot of sealant over the micro-hole. good luck!

Here it is next to the yellow. All flowing as new
Thanks for the heads up. Are the glitter flakes the same size as the wizards or does it have larger flakes? And are the fumes in this one as bad as in the wizard?

That's so good to know. :-) What brand did you use and where did you get it? Thanks.
I just went to michaels crafts and got whatever they had. any liquid candle dye should work. then hit up your diabetic or junkie friends for a syringe and your set!

I like to use Rit dye (powder)

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