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I want to add color to some white Schylling wax (a grande). I've found a local dealer with supplies for candle making. They say that their neon paraffin colors are all pigment, but they have many normal colors both as dye and pigment. Is dye better than pigment? I see people with neon wax in grandes, and as far as I understand, you can indeed get fluorescent dye.

For people who don't know, dye is soluble and will not cloud a liquid, pigment is suspended particles and will cloud a liquid.

I am located in Denmark. Tried some liquid candle/epoxy dye from China in a Mathmos lamp, and the color leaks into the fluid.

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Hello Adrian.
Not all candle wax dyes work in lava lamps

Many will cloud or leach their color into the fluid
Flourecnewt colors fade fast.
We have tried a Yellow neon color and it turned the fluid yellow while the actual wax bled until it was white.

It took us months to find a neon green that actually worked.
We had to import it from the EU to the USA

They might work. The only way to know for sure is by buying a sample and trying it out.

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